Find your flow


So you've learnt some pole moves... what comes next?

Pole dance is freedom. There are many different styles of dance which can be incorporated into pole and it can take some time to discover your own uniqueness. Our instructors all have a unique flair and can show you different styles.


Pole Dance

What's your jam?

Our pole dance classes will teach you how to move around the pole with flow and finesse. Learn mini routines in a range of styles from lyrical, jazz, contemporary, and
hip hop.

Dance classes range from beginner to Intermediate. Talk to our instructors about which level would suit you.


Let out your inner sexy!

Learn how to body roll, leg wave, and hair flick with sass in this one hour class.

These classes are split into difficulty levels, beginner and intermediate.

Heels are strongly recommended.

Get your sexy on!



Chair Dance

Find your inner sexy!

In this class you will learn how to move and dance around a chair to a fully choreographed routine.
A great way to find your inner sexy while using your core muscles through the controlled movement of your body.

Chair dance is suitable for all levels and completely beginner friendly.