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Elizabeth Rise Shopping Centre, Shop 8, 26 Hamblynn Road, Elizabeth Downs SA 5113, Australia

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Strong, fit, and flexible

Pole Conditioning

These classes are a great way to compliment your pole classes. Improve your cardio, endurance, strength, and flexibility to nail those pole tricks and routines.

Pole Fit

Pump up your body!

This class is designed to get you moving! Improve your cardio and endurance to get through those long routines, and increase your strength to nail those difficult pole moves.
Each of our instructors have their own tricks and tips to help you reach your goals. The classes may be tough, but we guarantee it will be worth it!


Bend in all the right ways

Want your splits? How about improving your back or shoulder flexibility? This is the class where your dreams of being a bendy goddess will become reality.
This is a great class to start working on the flexibility required for more advanced pole tricks, and to improve your lines.