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Our Instructors

Scarlett Rose


Scarlett is the founder of Sky High Pole and Fitness. With over 19 years of dance experience, 9 years in pole dance, Scarlett excels in expression through movement and dance technique. She has a preference for the lyrical style and is a stickler for pointed toes and extended lines.


Miss Pole Dance SA Professional 3rd Place 2023

Miss Pole Dance Australia Professional finalist 2022

Miss Pole Dance SA Professional 1st Place 2021

Australian Pole Championships Professional Finalist 2021

Australian Pole Championships Best Technique Award 2021

Miss Pole Dance SA Professional Finalist 2019

South Australian Pole Championships Professional Finalist 2018

South Australian Pole Championships Amateur 3rd place 2017

Australian Amateur Pole Performer Advanced Winner 2016

Australian Amateur Pole Performer Intermediate Runner Up 2015


Check out her instagram: @scarlettrosewiththorns

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Jasmine has been poling for almost 9 years and now has almost 8 years of pole instructor experience and qualifications. She has a passion for learning, both personal and professional and has completed her RYT 200 hr yoga teacher training specialising in Vinyasa Yoga. She has a big focus on developing a positive mindset during pole classes and incorporates that into her teaching style. She loves to support any students in and out of her classes and ensures all students leave the studio feeling positive about their pole progress. You can expect lots of twists and ‘unique’ movement in a ‘Jasmine style’ class.

Her achievements include:

Australian Amateur Performer Finalist- Advanced Division 2021

Australian Amateur Performer 2nd Place & Judges Choice winner
- Intermediate Division 2017

Australian Amateur Performer 2nd Place - Intermediate Division 2016




Lennon began their Pole dance journey 9 years ago, initially interested in the fitness side of the sport but soon taking on Dance and Heels based Dance classes.

Lennon loves the challenge of learning new moves and is a sucker for drilling the basics and foundations to build strength and fluidity with a passion lying in all things back bendy and flexy.

The last few years have seen this powerhouse take to the stage claiming numerous placings:

1st Place SAPC Professional 2023

2nd PlaceMiss Pole Dance SA Professional Division 2023

Miss Pole Dance Australia Professional finalist 2022 

1st Place Miss Pole Dance SA Professional Division 2022

3rd place Miss Pole Dance SA Professional Division 2021

finalist SAPC Amateur 2019

3rd place Miss Pole Dance SA Amateur 2019

Finalist in SAPC Amateur 2018





Abbey started pole dancing 10 years ago when her first son was almost 1. Her first class was in a basement of the Flinders Uni gym and she fell in love with the sport instantly. Since then, she’s trained to an advanced level and started teaching in 2013. She entered her first competition (SAPC) in 2013, where she discovered how much talent there is in Adelaide. She went on to compete in SAPC another two times in 2014 and 2016. She had her second son in 2017 and has since gone back to training and teaching, but with an emphasis on her students and her own progression. She’s enjoying exploring the sexy side of pole but also loves learning new tricks. Her favourite pole move will always be the iron-x, and she hopes that some day she will be super bendy like all her pole-idols.



Emily is the complete package! She has been dancing since the age of 5 in the genres of Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, and Lyrical. Then, in 2013, she added Pole dance to her repertoire. Emily loves to perform, to date she has been seen on stage as:

APC 2023 Doubles 2nd Place

MXPDSA 2023 Amateur (MX Sensuality)

SAPC 2023 Doubles 1st Place

APC 2022 1st place Australian Doubles Champions

SAPC 2022 Doubles 1st Place

AAPC 2021 Advanced Finalist

AAPC 2020 Advanced Finalist

SAPC 2020 Amateur Finalist

AAPC 2018 Intermediate Finalist





Although new to the poling world and being a student at Sky High for just over a year now, Kelly joined us as a Acro and pole instructor in 2022 but is no stranger to aerial fitness with a background in gymnastics and acrobatics with 8 years of coaching experience under her belt. Her hobbies include testing her physical and mental abilities by trying new activities outside her comfort zone like rock climbing, abseiling, flying trapeze and participating in True Grit's military inspired obstacle course in May this last year.

AAPC SA Heats 2022 Intermediate 2nd place

AAPC 2022 Finalist



Rosie (AKA RoxiePole) has been pole dancing since 2009, and has been teaching for 10 years. With a background in dance and performing arts, Rosie’s strength is her dance flow, emotive movement and freestyle skills. Her teaching style is based on technique, safe progressions and guided support, with plenty of fun and humour in class. Rosie has a PhD in Clinical Psychology, and practices as a clinical psychologist by day, and she often likes to incorporate her professional training in her classes, with mindfulness and relaxation skills for stretch, as well as emotional support and encouragement throughout.

pole pic 3.jpg



Emma has been pole dancing for 5 years after falling love with the sport at the first Sky High showcase back in 2018. Emma has always had a passion for health and fitness, completing her qualifications in personal training, Zumba and many short courses within the fitness world. Emma's main goals as a trainer are to learn more about hypermobility and help people reach their personal pole, strength and flexy goals

Emma loves to compete and to date has competed in the following:

AAPC 2020 Beginner Finalist

AAPC 2021 Intermediate Finalist

AAPC 2022 Intermediate Finalist



Emily began Pole Dancing 9 years ago and is an experienced competitor in the sport taking to the stage as a soloist in both heels and barefoot competitions. The last two years have seen her branch out into doubles competition with fellow instructor Emily. This partnership (Empassis) has been successful in both 2022 and 2023 winning both state and national titles.

Her achievements include:​

APC 2023 Doubles 2nd Place

SAPC 2023 Doubles 1st Place

APC 2022 1st place Australian Doubles Champions

SAPC 2022 Doubles 1st Place

AAPC 2019 Heats Advanced 2nd Place

AAPC 2019 Finals 3rd Runner up

AAPC 2019 Miss Congeniality

AAPC 2018 Intermediate 2nd Place

AAPC 2017 Miss Tricks

Emily - Photo 2.JPG



Annalisse began pole dancing in 2016 and has instructed at several studios around Australia. She loves that pole can suit anyone and that each person's pole journey is unique and special.

In her free time, she usually walks her 2 dogs, does puzzles, or binge-watches TV shows with her husband.

SAPC 2023 Doubles First Runner-Up

AAPC 2023 Doubles Second Runner-Up

AAPC 2023 Amatuer Second Runner-Up



Emily has 27 years’ experience in the dance world, training and competing in a number of different genres of dance including jazz, contemporary, lyrical, ballet, hip hop, tap and pom. Emily enjoys combining her love for the physical strength required for pole fitness with her creative side in dance. She can’t wait to begin her competition journey with pole in 2023, with her long-term goal being to explore hardstyle pole.



Carly has been training pole and dance since 2018.

What initially started as a hobby and something for exercise soon turned into a passion that she couldn't imagine living without.

Carly is especially keen on grabbing a pair of heels and getting slinky and looks forward to choreographing routines for others to enjoy.

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