Our Instructors

Scarlett Rose


Scarlett is the founder of Sky High Pole and Fitness. With over 19 years of dance experience, 7 years in pole dance, Scarlett excels in expression through movement and dance technique. She has a preference for the lyrical style and is a stickler for pointed toes and extended lines.


Miss Pole Dance SA Professional 1st Place 2021

Australian Pole Championships Professional Finalist 2021

Australian Pole Championships Best Technique Award 2021

Miss Pole Dance SA Professional Finalist 2019

South Australian Pole Championships Professional Finalist 2018

South Australian Pole Championships Amateur 3rd place 2017

Australian Amateur Pole Performer Advanced Winner 2016

Australian Amateur Pole Performer Intermediate Runner Up 2015


Check out her instagram: @scarlettrosewiththorns

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Jasmine has been poling for 7 years with 5 years of pole instructor experience. She is currently studying certificate 3 & 4 in fitness & is also fully qualified as a Vinyasa and Yin yoga teacher. Jasmine has a strong desire to always improve both personally and professionally & will always be your biggest cheerleader. She has a big focus on mindset and incorporates that into her teaching style. One of her favourite quotes is “progress is progress & celebrate the small wins as much as the big ones". She is looking forward to nurturing all of the Sky High students on their pole journeys.

Her achievements include:

Australian Amateur Performer Finalist- Advanced Division 2021

Australian Amateur Performer 2nd Place & Judges Choice winner
- Intermediate Division 2017

Australian Amateur Performer 2nd Place - Intermediate Division 2016




Rosie (AKA RoxiePole) has been pole dancing since 2009, and has been teaching for 9 years. With a background in dance and performing arts, Rosie’s strength is her dance flow, emotive movement and freestyle skills. Her teaching style is based on technique, safe progressions and guided support, with plenty of fun and humour in class. Rosie has a PhD in Clinical Psychology, and practices as a clinical psychologist by day, and she often likes to incorporate her professional training in her classes, with mindfulness and relaxation skills for stretch, as well as emotional support and encouragement throughout.

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Abbey started pole dancing 9 years ago when her first son was almost 1. Her first class was in a basement of the Flinders Uni gym and she fell in love with the sport instantly. Since then, she’s trained to an advanced level and started teaching in 2013. She entered her first competition (SAPC) in 2013, where she discovered how much talent there is in Adelaide. She went on to compete in SAPC another two times in 2014 and 2016. She had her second son in 2017 and has since gone back to training and teaching, but with an emphasis on her students and her own progression. She’s enjoying exploring the sexy side of pole but also loves learning new tricks. Her favourite pole move will always be the iron-x, and she hopes that some day she will be super bendy like all her pole-idols.

Ali Jean


Ali began Pole Dancing 8 years ago and is an experienced teacher and competitor in the sport. Ali’s background in Contemporary Classical Dance allows her to join her passion for dance and Pole Fitness together to create pieces which allow her to release her emotions through movement and flow. Ali constantly strives to learn more about this art form, finding it addictive. The fitness and acrobatic elements of the sport keep Ali feeling invigorated while releasing happy endorphins, she hopes to pass this on to her students.

Her achievements include:​

Australian Amateur Performer 2nd Place - Golden Division 2018
Miss Pole Dance SA 3rd Place - amateur division 2015

Australian Amateur Performer 2nd Place - Advanced division 2015



As a couch potato at heart, Gia has always advocated that pole dancing is truly for the everyday woman. Gia began pole in 2013 as an avid trickster, training all of the new and old tricks. As the years went by, she embraced the heels and the floor and is beginning to find her own personal pole dance style.

Gia began competing in 2015 and won Miss Pole Dance SA 2018! She was honored to share the stage with Australia's best at Miss Pole Dance Australia for three years.
Her achievements include:

MPDA 2019 finalist

Miss Pole Dance SA 2019 first runner up

Miss Pole Dance SA 2018 

MPDA 16/17 finalist

Miss Pole Dance SA 2016 first runner up

Australian Pole Championships 2015 Amateur finalist

Australian Pole Championships 2015 Sponsors' Choice

SA Pole Championships 2015 Amateur 2nd place




Chelsea began her Pole dance journey 7 years ago, initially interested in the fitness side of the sport but soon taking on Dance and Heels based Dance classes.

The last few years have seen this powerhouse take to the stage as 3rd Place winner in Miss Pole Dance SA Professional Division 2021, finalist in SAPC Amateur 2018, finalist SAPC Amateur 2019 and 2nd runner up in Miss Pole Dance SA Amateur 2019.

Chelsea loves the challenge of learning new moves and is a sucker for drilling the basics and foundations to build strength and fluidity with a passion lying in all things back bendy and flexy.




Rachel began pole dancing in 2017 and fell in love with it. Never being a lover of fitness or sport, pole dancing changed her life and she is now a personal trainer, consistently training both in the gym and in the pole studio. Rachel loves any trick that requires flexibility and pushes herself to try anything that is out of her comfort zone.Rachel has also discovered a love for the stage, competing in AAPC in 2018 and then in Miss Pole Dance South Australia Amateur in 2019. Rachel hopes she can promote confidence and body positivity as a pole instructor!



Chloe comes from a diverse dance background, with a special flair for sensual dance.  If you have always wanted to put those heels on and bring out your inner sexy, join one of Chloe's heels dance classes to get started.




Cassandra began her pole journey 3 years ago when she walked into the Sky High Studio for her first lesson, she instantly fell in love with the sport and now dances the days worries away every opportunity she gets. Cassandra's caring and encouraging nature brings out the best in her students.



Emily is the complete package! She has been dancing since the age of 5 in the genres of Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, and Lyrical. Then, in 2013, she added Pole dance to her repertoire. Emily loves to perform, to date she has been seen on stage as:

AAPC 2018 Intermediate Finalist

AAPC 2020 Advanced Finalist

SAPC 2020 Amateur Finalist

AAPC 2021 Advanced Finalist